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- F.A.Q. -

I answer your questions:

What is your photographic style? 

I only do reportage. This type of shot does not include poses, but tries to tell all the aspects of your wonderful day in the most natural and spontaneous way. I don't like "piloting" your wedding, which must be totally yours and not the photographer's, and I always try to be as discreet as possible. I would say that if you are a lover of the classic genre, I think I'm not the right photographer for you!


Do you work only in Sicily? 

No, I can move throughout Italy and not just to meet your every request. Of course, travel costs (diesel, motorway and hotel) and the fact that a wedding outside the region can involve a commitment of several days can affect costs, sometimes significantly.


How do I book you for my Wedding? 

You can contact me at, or directly on the mobile phone which is visible in the "contacts" category. We can then move on to an appointment where it suits you best (in my studio or even at your place) in order to check all the options I can offer you. If then, you decide to hire me as a photographer, I'll make you sign a contract that certifies and guarantees your choices and I'll make you pay an advance as a deposit.


How long in advance should I contact you?

It's always difficult to answer this question because every year there are dates that are extremely requested and others that are less. In any case from personal experience regarding the dates of the months of June July I would recommend at least 1 year before. Obviously I'm talking about the weekend, for the other days I'd say you can wait.


Do the locations count so much for the success of the photographs?

It would be hypocritical to say no. By location I mean all the places that revolve around your day. For example, a wedding preparation in a small and dark room will certainly not allow me to take high-level photos, no one could. Space and light are two fundamental elements, in order to be able to take home photos of the highest level. Always keep this pairing in mind whenever possible.


We came to the studio and we loved you, but we want to take some time to think, can you save me the date and maybe call us if a couple is interested in the same date? 

I'm sorry but this is not possible. I receive many requests for estimates and it would be impossible for me to write down all the dates and then have to contact all the undecideds again. This is possible if the couple needs 3-4 days of time, for longer times the date remains free and is blocked only with the signing of the contract.


 Marco we love reportage and we understood your style perfectly, but... if we just wanted some classic photos with the witnesses or with the parents, could you do it? You know they care a lot...  

Absolutely yes. A classic souvenir photo with a parent or sibling is a keepsake that goes beyond the concept of pure reportage. It's a type of photo that, if requested, is never denied by me, God forbid! Obviously I never insert them on my site or blog, they wouldn't make sense, but know that, in case of request, they will be made without any problem.


The reportage photos are very nice, but I noticed that you don't "touch up" wrinkles or similar things... I always see myself badly in photos, isn't it that you could touch them up a bit in this sense? 

Absolutely not! Reportage is the real mirror of the day, and it is impossible to slim down a person or remove an existing wrinkle. It would then be impossible for me to vary the shooting angle in order to capture the "best side"... It is NOT a fashion shoot! So, if on your day you want to see yourself beautiful, very thin, without wrinkles, even if you don't have these characteristics anyway, I think you need a fashion photographer and not a reporter. Remember that you don't choose reportage simply because it "looks bad in photos"... if this is the reason, a good posed photographer is certainly better: you choose reportage because you love the genre, and appreciate it.


How much will I spend on my wedding? 

It is very difficult to establish a priori price because each wedding is different from the next,  consequently the customer's requests and needs are different. I therefore invite you to contact me, after having viewed my works and having evaluated that I am suitable for you, to talk about the economic aspect.


How long will I wait before I get the tryouts? Who will choose the photographs? 

All processes start from the month of October onwards and follow a chronological order of the event, therefore approximately 150 days are to be considered for the creation of the online gallery containing the files to be selected. The gallery will contain about 1000/1200 shots elaborated and chosen by me, from here you will choose a maximum of 200 to be included in the album.


We've read that it can take up to 6 months to deliver post-produced photos... it's too much we want them sooner! What will it take to do some post production?! There aren't even the prints! we touch on a complicated topic and I hope to make myself understood well. I am a photographer who does everything by myself, from shooting to post production. I don't delegate my post-production to others and it's normal, or at least understandable, that if I'm definitely planning a wedding I can't be doing post-production. Since for me the period from May to October is very full, it is logical that weddings and eventual weddings in these periods will, in the vast majority, be analyzed from the months of  November and December. Hence the long lead times. There is also another consideration to be made: My profession (as I believe that of other colleagues) is an artistic profession and as such is closely linked to the inspiration of the day. If on that specific day I think I'm not in shape to do the post-production and choose the photos of your day, I prefer to do something else, and postpone until the next day. This conception is diametrically opposed to the "certain delivery times", typical of factory work... but we are not in the factory here. So if you think that my quality is high, and deserving of the waiting times that are most congenial to me to deliver you a worthy job, choose me. But if you're in a hurry or if you think it's such an easy job that it doesn't deserve such a long time, I invite you to choose photographers  who delegate their photography to third parties. There are many of them and they are able to deliver you a wedding in no time, without going into the merits of whether it is right or wrong. Or choose one who has very little work, he too will be able to deliver the work to you in a few days.


Will I be able to choose the album? 

Naturally, you will find a large selection of albums in my studio. You can also choose the type of printing that best suits your tastes, including fine art printing, which is a type of printing on high quality cotton paper. Defining them albums is a bit of an understatement actually, they are perhaps more similar to furnishings, you absolutely must see them! 


Do you have any other questions?

Contact me without any problems, I am at your complete disposal

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