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My name is Marco Aldo Vecchi e I'm a professional photographer, but first of all I'm curious about life and I tell my story through my photography.

The passion for photography started at the age of 8 when by chance I put my little hands on my father's old camera; all those buttons, those levers, that wonderful little glass to rest your eye on, made me discover a magical world that I fell in love with.

Today I use a Sony or just the smartphone in my pocket. 

Photography has become my job, but it remains my greatest passion and I think I am, even if with sacrifice, a very lucky person in being able to combine the two things.

I simply want to tell your story, capturing all the little moments to make great images, with a simple and natural style that combines reportage and artistic photography with a particular attention to spontaneity, without ever being intrusive.

I offer you an exciting wedding reportage that will remain forever in your life,because yours is the most important story and deserves to be kept in suggestive and moving shots.


Let's work together

Via Ceuta, 3

95022 Aci Catena, CT

Phone: 3401796366

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